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Bodega Finca Navahermosa


In J. Fernando Family Wines we take care of every detail in viticulture, and this also includes the presentation of our facilities. The Finca Navahermosa is a good example as it has a winery located in the center of its plain, from which you can enjoy the views of the entire vineyard.

Founded in Villaescusa de Haro, Cuenca, the winery is a bet of the founder of the family to maintain the quality of the grapes as the building was designed for grapes not to take more than 20 minutes to arrive for discharge.

In addition to this, the facilities stand out for their wide and modern installations, with 10,000 meters equipped with the last technology to control the elaboration of the wines.


When the farm was acquired, a lot of work was done in the field to plant the existing vine.


Its 890 meters of altitude make it a great vineyard a unique climate ideal for those white varieties.


Intense aroma, early maturation, freshness on the rise and perfect result.


Dream location

The winery is located in the center of the farm surrounded by the entire vineyard.

Own land

In this vineyard grape returns to its origins, to the care of the farmer and his crew, in order to maintain its essence through a studied process.

Crop field

The glass is filled with quality contained in perfect varieties treated with the greatest care in more than 200 hectares.
We take care of even the smallest detail
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