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Bodega Finca Venta de Don Quijote

The effort, perseverance and togetherness of the J. Fernando family have made Bodegas VQ the result of the dedication and perfection that the whole team brings to both land and wine..


One of our spoiled plantations is located in El Toboso, Toledo, where we put all our efforts since we acquired the farm in 1997 and where we enjoy working. In 2005 we started making our wines to share our passion for wine with our consumers. Today, this winery, located at the entrance to the farm and surrounded by the entire vineyard, has become our home. Moreover, we have a small chapel which belongs to the old Venta.

The construction was designed as a tribute to the regional tradition of La Mancha.


The family acquired the farm and began to work in the field to plant the existing vine.


Our passion for grapes lead us to build our own winery.


Our first wines were released to the market in 2006.


The project is extended to strengthen the commitment of Bodegas VQ with its customers and to cover all their needs.


Dream location

VQ consists of 600 hectares of plantation and is located at 780 meters of altitude, drawing the skirts of the Montes de Toledo.


All the wines come from grapes grown in our own vineyards and are the result of a land treated with love.

Crop Field

This family winery is a mantle of reddish soil of great fertility for the most valued red varieties such as Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Grenache or Graciano.
Guided visit

Wine tourism

Learn about the facilities of our winery and get involved in the grape-making process.

In company

Come as a group and live the experience of wine tourism (minimum 8 people).


Let your palate taste the most special wines of this land .
Work and effort as a sign of identity
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