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Soul in a glass

J.Fernando Family Wines

Passion for wine is the link between the generations that make up J. Fernando Family Wines.Together with the workers who have been with us since we started this project, we have created different ways of understanding life divided into three vineyards.

Bodegas VQ

Located in El Toboso, Toledo, it is a 600-hectare plantation. This winery has become our home since we acquired the vineyard in 1997 and the place where we enjoy working to offer the best wines.

Bodega Villaescusa de Haro

Founded in Villaescusa de Haro, Cuenca, the winery is located in the center of its plain, from where you can enjoy the views of the entire vineyard. It has an ideal microclimate for the production of white wine varieties.


The Rueda Denomination of Origin is the last and exciting project of J. Fernando Family Wines.A third winery growing great quality Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo from its origins.


The adventure of living the vineyard

More than two decades giving name to new flavors.

Unique moments

Our featured wines

On each occasion, our palate asks for a different gift.


J. Fernando Family Wines

The palate of those who value wine is exquisite and experienced.

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